Casino Gaming Chips Explained 

Gaming chips are known in other names as casino tokens, checks or checques. This round token is used as currency in casinos. Some casinos use different shape like rectangular plaque for high-value table games, this plate includes serial numbers. This is more commonplace in Asian and European casinos. High value plaque can go as high as 10 million US dollars. 


First tokens were used as counters when playing 파워볼사이트 game of Ombre & Quadrille in 1752. During early 1900s people used different expensive objects to place as token during a poker game like coins, gold nuggets, gold dust. Some form of chips were made using wood and ivory. In 1930s came the clay type of chips with various designs. 

Material and Construction 

Currently authentic casino chips are produced with clay or ceramic, with other added ingredients compress molded for durability. Printed graphics indicate the place of origin of the chip usually name of Casino is shown. Chips circulating Americas commonly weigh 8-10.5grams. To avoid counterfeight some casinos even incorporate RFID tags. 


Colors denote value of the chips as identification.: 

– White : 1 USD chip

– Pink : 2.50 USD

– Red : 5USD 

– Green : 25USD

– Black : 100USD 

Some interesting colors include; 

– Purple : 500USD

– Yellow or Orange : 1000USD

– Gray or Brown : 5000USD 

Phony Chips and Collectors

With advancement in technology and using RFID tags etc., it is hard to counterfeit poker chips. 

There are collectors searching for older chips from casinos which are closed or defunct but they are knowledgeable of what they want to buy. 

Chips For Tournament

Chips used for live tournament (i.e. World Series of Poker Main Event) are not high quality. They are exclusively for the tournament and do not equal to monetary face value. 

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